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NAME: Rice, Nathaniel e-mail: nhr5005@gmail.com
HOME: 8145712575 WORK:  
COMMENT: Basic experience with beginner lesson at the DSC (main & jib sheets, tiller, basic maneuvers), but very willing to learn and help where I can. I live in Fed Hill & work in the Inner Harbor so I can be free most week nights!
POSTED: 2.68 days ago.

NAME: Crosby, Lynn e-mail: lcrosby21@hotmail.com
HOME: 410-627-3098 WORK:  
POSITIONS: jib, main
EXPERIENCE: intermediate
COMMENT: Many years as a spin trimmer both symmetric & asym. I've done jib & pit too. Solid middle of the boat skills.Race Wednesdays in the West River & Fridays in Annapolis, but live in Baltimore. Weekends wherever opportunities take me. Want to add Tuesdays to my summer racing schedule.
POSTED: 9.72 days ago.

NAME: Fu, Wei e-mail: jason.wfu@gmail.com
HOME: 4438382315 WORK:  
POSITIONS: foredeck, mastpit, jib, main, helm, tactician
EXPERIENCE: intermediate
COMMENT: I have years of experiences in J-22 racing. I am good at foredeck, pit or jib trim. Good at taking guidance.
POSTED: 12.81 days ago.

NAME: Gawler, Janet e-mail: Janet.gawler@yahoo.com
HOME: 3018143701 WORK: 3018143701
POSITIONS: foredeck, mastpit, jib, main, rail
EXPERIENCE: advanced
COMMENT: Won Decker Trophy and High Point for 2016 on my Capri22
POSTED: 15.67 days ago.

NAME: Obrien, Tim e-mail: Timothyobrien331082@gmail.com
HOME: 4105646851 WORK:  
POSITIONS: foredeck, jib, rail
COMMENT: Iam strong and take guideince
POSTED: 26.07 days ago.

NAME: Harrington , John e-mail: Demojo58@yahoo.com
HOME: 4437905535 WORK:  
POSITIONS: foredeck, mastpit, jib, main, helm, rail
EXPERIENCE: advanced
COMMENT: I have several years of experience crewing in Annapolis can do regattas as well as Tuesday night sym and asym
POSTED: 56.62 days ago.